Germany Dual Internship & Professional Study Programs:

This migrant route arranged via the auspices of is about providing an applicant from overseas with a full time study over 2-3 years with prospect of permanent employment in a German based company. Any variation on the terms indicated herein shall be advised in writing.

Current German regulations for the permanent employment of foreigners require that the applicant either takes part in a vocational education for at least two years, organized part-time at a professional school and part-time at the employer to be doing on job training (OJT). Their type of education is called "dual education". The applicant (apprentice) will receive Grant (salary) during the education period.


The applicant takes part in a procedure called Foreign Skills Approval (FSA) in order that the qualification which they have obtained outside Germany will officially be recognized as being equivalent to the corresponding German qualifications/exam. This has to be acknowledged in an individual administrative statement. The statement may rule out that the applicant has to attend some defined courses of continuous learning with particular exams in order to complete the necessary skills required.

Language Learning and Vocational Studies

The applicant acquires German language skills at the certified level B.2.2 corresponding to the Common European Reference Frame (CERF).
This is necessary to attend lessons taught in German. Employers require the command of German at the level for each professional activity.

The education includes alternate attendance of a public professional school and practical education in the company. Lessons at school will be organized in compact blocks of time of at least one week each. The applicant will be accommodated during their time at the location of the school. The education as a whole will regularly last for three (3) years. Scholars with pretty good records/achievements may pass the exam after two years if individually applied for.

The offer includes the applicant's participation in a course of intensive language learning or a language training side-along to the education.
The education authority or company retain the right to cancel the applicant’s contract if they don`t manage to pass the B2.2 exam within one year.

As soon as an applicant obtains the German B 2.2 language certificate – but no sooner than six months after the start of the education -, the education authority shall assist the applicant to succeed in the Foreign Skill Approval procedure. If the administration stated that the applicant would have to acquire some further skills, then participation in the appropriate courses will be offered and as long as are available within federal state requirements and given there is an opportunity to shorten the education to less than two years.

Information about the German Deschutes language Levels:

Level A.1 Level A.2 A -> B Level B.1 Level B.2 B -> C
A1.1 A2.1 B1.1 B2.1
A1.2 A2.2 then goes to B1.2 B2.2 then goes to Level C
A1.3 A2.3 B1.3 B3.3

What is required from the applicants to apply is to attend the language course A1.1. The course is run for 2 weeks, and the student must attend the course fully to be able to secure the attendance certificate. It is recommended that the student continue beyond that level if they are serious going to Germany. The level required by the sponsor is level B2.2. This is very achievable with 6-12 months of arriving in Germany.

Medical Examination

There is a prerequisite that the applicant will take part in an industrial medical examination to determine their state of health, thus confirming the risk of serious infections, illnesses or detrimental medical conditions. The applicant will need to provide an approved statement of health traceable to a recognized approved health examiner and not older than two months to be forwarded to the nominated educational provider/employer as advised by JC Life before departing to Germany.

Probationary Period

The contract of vocational education will be offered with a trial period of three (3) months. During the probationary period the employer shall be entitled to cancel the contract within a short timeline if they are not satisfied with your personal performance. Explanations would normally be given but may vary from employer to employer within European Union (EU) working rules and regulations.


The applicant receives the same remuneration during their education as German apprentices between €500-€800:

Examples Only: (A list of current rates will be made available on commencement)

  • €613 € in the first year (twelve months counted from the start)
  • €670 € in the second year
  • €741 € in the third year

Accommodation during education

Applicants can be accommodated in a furnished room of their own in an apartment building which is reserved for company apprentices and has a furnished kitchen for preparing their own food.

Applicants may enjoy up to three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) during the whole week as prepared for day-to-day attendance requirements.

Compensations offered voluntarily in addition to basic remunerations:

Applicants will receive compensation for the required industrial medical check report providing the invoices are authenticated and original copy presented.

NOTE: Costs above the equivalent of €100 must be authorized by us our partners in advance of obtaining medical services.

The time needed for language learning will be regarded as regular working hours. For example if you doing 20 hours language course then the week left with 37.5 – 20 = 17.5 hours that will be designated for OJT time. Student in Germany are allowed to work further during course time, and full time during vacation time.

The cost of travelling in Germany by train and/or public transport from the airport to the required destination on the day of arrival and subsequent public transport fares when attending the language learning center will be reimbursed to the applicant by the sponsor.

The applicant won't pay for attending the vocational school, professional exam fees, or for accommodation at the venue of the courses.

Permanent employment

Issuance of a letter of intention indicates an employer is interested in the applicant on a permanent basis after they have successfully passed the vocational education in Germany or obtained the final FSA statement. In the event of a final offer in a permanent job, then the applicant will receive the same wage as paid to German employees in the same role.

Program Requirements

  • Aged 22-50 years, Male or Female
  • Education as per specialization
  • Previous work experience as per specialization minimum 12 months, volunteer work is accepted
  • Two (2) professional references with full job description is required, on letter head of a company / hospital /clinic /office and signed and sealed by work supervisor
  • Ability to pay fees in accordance with current JC Life Payment Terms & Refunds Policy


Placements in recognized universities and companies throughout Germany, applicants have no choice in selecting city or preferred location. It is first come first served.