Registration, Working Process and Documentation

  • 1. Submission of Registration Files by applicant
  • 2. Registration files reviewed by JC LIFE offices
  • 3. Payment of Registration Fees & agreement
  • 4. Submission of supporting documents by applicant

The following information should be sent to JC Life office or to the nominated offices, by email:

  • University degrees/diplomas / mark sheets / transcripts / attestation letters and other relevant training certificates in English.
  • Copies of certificate(s) of employment from previous employer(s) on official letterhead paper. Please note that certificate(s) must detail specific duties and responsibilities.
  • Copy of passport showing front cover, photo, number, signature and issuing authority.
  • Signed current version of JC Life Payment Terms & Refunds contract document.
  • Proof of German Language Course started (letter from provider, Receipt)
  • The above list is not exhaustive and for certain sectors, categories and professions, you may be requested to provide additional information.
    You will be advised if any of the documents needed to be translated into German language and notarized in due course for visa application.
Item Time Scale
Language A1.1 2 weeks
Arrangement of offer letter 4 - 8 weeks
Visa Application 6 - 12 weeks
Total 12 - 22 weeks