Terms and Policy

1. JC Life and associates retain the right to refuse unsuitable applicants without recourse

2. JC Life or its partner does not accept any contingent liability for:

  • (a) Delays in the process or outcome of the university/internship placement.
  • (b) Delays in the process or outcome of visa entry clearance.
  • (c) Delays in the process or outcome of any Immigration application.
  • (d) The actions of applicants or their agents and related 3rd parties.
  • (e) The actions of the internship establishment (host/sponsor company)
  • (f) The actions of the university or their related agents and staff.

3. The maximum length of internship will be stipulated by the host establishment / university as shown on the offer letter provided.

4. Applicants agree to abide by all laws of the host country and make themselves aware of the same.

5. JC Life and its associated companies do not accept contingent liability for any matters relating to personal matters of the applicant and applicants are therefore strongly recommended to seek personal insurance to cover the following:

  • All applicants are strongly advised to purchase personal insurance to cover the following and in doing so, Medical emergencies, 24 hour assistance service and Personal accident.
  • Cancellation & curtailment of transport, course and accommodation costs.
  • Loss of personal possessions
  • Emergency return home
  • Personal Public Liability Indemnity
  • Any other cover advised by their Embassy

6. Applicants must submit legible accurate documentation requested in a timely manner, any misrepresentation of personal information provided will result in immediate cancellation and termination of participation in the program and no refunds will be made in such cases.

7. All fees must be paid in line with current JC Life Payment Terms & Refunds Policy.

8. Applicants contact with the university or internship establishment shall be via JC LIFE only.

9. Applicants must arrive to start their internship on the dates specified by the host establishment/university, once visa entry clearance has been granted.

10. Applicants must complete all internship assignments set by the host establishment.

11. Applicants must complete all language and academic assignments set by the university.

12. By agreeing to participate in the program, it is understood that you are giving your permission and authorization to disclose information about yourself to other third parties.